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Marketing best practices for reopening during COVID-19

By Leaf Creations | June 1, 2021

The beginning of 2020 has been incredibly difficult for everyone us, including businesses both large and small ones have been affected. As, we start to reopen our business, the focus was on safety and promoting public health. Letting our customers know that our business is taking care of keeping people safe, but also returning to some normalcy in it was the main key for us.

Once again, many companies and organizations will have to reinvent themselves and get acquainted and putting in place all local COVID-19 regulations to help focusing the customers first strategy.

1. Set Goals:

First of all, we have to clear about setting the goals, what you want. We should educate the customers and employees about  COVID-19 and what steps and measures could be taken first for the best practices for reopening our businesses during COVID-19. We have to make it clear what clients and customers need to do and not what.

We have to communicate about  important businesses information. Manage expectations around what your customers want and should expect from us when we reopen our businesses. So, we should keep in mind what we actually want and how to make the beat strategic plans.

2. REASSURE the customers:

The most important thing we faced during this pandemic was loss of assuring the customers again. The COVID-19 was on it’s highest peak and it leads to assuring customers again to make sure the customer knows what they expect from us. COVID-19 measures should be clear and concise for the customers and for everyone of us.

According to a survey conducted by consulting firms, panelbase and a different View, the need for information about social distancing and hygiene measures at various organizations are considered more valuable by the customer than any implemented price discounts for projects. So, we practiced and started assuring the customers, making them a priority.

After all “a satisfied customer is the best and main business strategy for all

3. COMMUNICATE with them:

This one goes by clasping hands with the earlier COVID-19 marketing strategy. Firstly, you want to tell customers what you are doing to stay safe, then you want to explain any changes to your business, you have made.

Lots of businesses have changed their workflow or cut back on some of their products and services lines due to safety and budgetary concerns. Our customers want to know what’s going on, so we started telling them what they need to know when you start marketing during and after COVID-19′.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA helps alot:

Pin your safety strategies to the top of twitter, instagram, linkedin, facebook and other platforms, so it’s always easy to find. Edit your social media platforms bios updated and the links to your safety plans and strategies. Focus most of your social media platforms outputs on reassuring the customers again. Overall, we can say, that great platforms makes us quite easy to rebuild the relationship with customers again.

5. Move everything ONLINE :

With the lockdowns, travel restrictions and many other things due to this pandemic had shifted almost everything online. And some of the businesses have seen a spike who want to create, update their websites, creating webinars, social media campaigns and many more. Now, we can see that this is the time to increase our online presence, to increase our sales, revenues and this can be achieved by investing in a good CRM, supporting your employees through ‘work from home’ strategies, email marketing, hosting many informative webinars. All these ideas helps to reinvest the growth of our businesses.


The pandemic made huge changes in our lives as well as in our businesses. There are very few clear takeaways when it comes to marketing strategies for reopening and recovering. This was the time to get creative, innovative and to pivot your socks off. COVID-19 has hit the marketing and branding sector hard, but with vaccine programmes rolling out and the lockdowns lifting, then we came to knew that this is the time to switch to recovery mode and reopen the businesses again and make the customers our first priority, which is beneficial for the businesses as well as for the customers.

For more information, tips , creative ideas and many informative strategies, do check our Leafcreation’s website to make your business grow faster.

Mistakes Brands make about Human Behaviour

By Leaf Creations | May 24, 2021

A role of an entrepreneur is simple. For the brand’s promotions they usually think, they can easily motivate the audience and convince them to buy more and more but it’s all not easy, leading to the mistakes, which in turn changes the human behaviours, ultimately affecting the businesses.

~What influences customers all leads to human behavioral science...

Despite this, entrepreneurs most commonly ignore the human psychology that how it will affect their behaviors, their thinking process.

Let’s discuss which are the most common mistakes.. made by the marketers..

Here are the 4 most common mistakes which usually entrepreneurs makes about their brands

1. 'Homer Simpsons' everywhere

There is a tendency among B2B marketers appealing to the rational side i.e ‘advertising’…Most of the entrepreneurs primarily focus upon advertising the products and services, but the behaviour among the audience is not as what we think as promoting and advertising, and the pitching tendency makes the brand less credible and less appealing.

2. Not maintaining Simplicity

Marketers in most of the cases focus upon detailing about their brands, advertising about their brands as articles to make their audiences to catch the eyes but they forgot to understand the science behind human behaviour. Lets get understand this with the help of an example of ‘Steve jobs’ not less than a famous presenter of the brand ‘apple’…He used the principle of ‘one word story’ by analysing how the small stories highly affects the behavior of audiences, explaining brand stories by small messages connecting to the emotions of the people. This principle applies to the forms of communication. Making a message to its three most important points has the greatest likelihood of retention and persuasion.

3. Creative executions is must always be sensitive to the emotional environment

Many B2B marketers are trained in following the principle of 3C’s : Company, category and consumers and in many cases entrepreneurs have added a fourth element I.e ‘culture’…Racial sensitivity is a cultural and highly emotional factor which affects human behaviours. We can see this in a recent dove soap video campaign video, demonstrating  a clever execution which is adversely affecting the customers.

4. Following the crowd

This is the most common human psychology form, which is influenced easily by various people. They get affected, what the other people do. They get affected what the other people follow whether its their sale processes, their business strategy, their marketing plans etc. And this whole process automatically leads to various business’s mistakes by lakhs of entrepreneurs. So, we should avoid this kind of strategy if we really want to succeed.


In the end, we can say that, all successful businesses should study about the significance of good branding on human behavior and also need to make it a top priority in their business planning, which will help them to make their business grow

Marketing & Branding

By Leaf Creations | May 17,2021

Branding is the most important aspect of any business and is the main key from where the growth of every business starts and mainly depends upon.

The definition of branding is ‘to create a name, symbol or design that differentiates a product or a service from one another’ and this was a pretty accurate description of branding not so long ago but today, it has become more complex and important as well.

And the companies that effectively focus on their brands are able to better differentiate themselves from the competition, and have better marketing strategies.

Let’s know something more ..

Why branding is important?

First of all, for any business, branding is a paramount because it makes an overall impact in a business. Branding is like a double edged sword which can drive new business,create and increase brand value but it can also do the opposite if done wrongly. It depends upon how customers perceive your brand and what are the steps taken to improve the brand image of a company in the minds of the customers. A brand is like an asset, what you present to the market or the public is a huge chunk of your business.The worth is just as much as like revenue and sales.

How should company do branding?

Understand Your Customer

First and foremost is understanding the needs and wants of your customer’s and their prospects. You can achieve this by contacting, taking feedbacks, reviews from your customers and improving where you fell short.

If you want to understand your company’s brand perception in the customer’s mind, you should have the answer of the following questions:

  1. Does your product or service performed as expected by the customer?
  2. Is the quality of goods or service good or better than promised by your company?
  3. Is customer experience about the product positive?

If Answer of these 3 questions is ‘Yes’, then your company is on the right track.Good job !!

Secondly, branding of a company is like a person explaining who they are, why they’re valuable, and what they specifically have to offer. Connect the customer at an emotional level so they can easily, identify your brand & your brand will live in the hearts and minds of your customers, clients, and their prospects.

Branding is like a declaration. You here by state that you will deliver their demands on your promises and claims what the company makes. Everything the company stands for should be spread throughout your firm too. Otherwise your company will get disconnected and with your clients too. So, we should keep in mind this thing.

Let's discuss about some benefits of branding in marketing:

1.It helps you stand out in a market.

A particular brand, obviously makes you stand out differently in the market, if your product’s quality is good and servicing the customers done rightly, then its awesome, you have reached your success point. This definitely makes you stand out in the crowd.

2.Branding is equal to consistency.

Brand is equal to consistency. Yes,its really important that your brand must be consistent and make sure your brand is easily recognizable across the market. This creates your brand to be consistent and thereby making an experience for both existing and potential customers. This helps your customers and clients to get to know your brand on a more personal level.

3.It leads to customer loyalty.

Of course, your brand is responsible for your relationships between your company and your customers. By providing the best of yours and maintaining the relations,helps in building trust between both the parties and therefore making them loyal to each other.

4.Gives confidence in your market.

Branding in marketing is equally important for your organization as well as for your business’s growth. And when you finally achieve success in the market, it automatically helps to boost up your confidence levels, which is very important for you as well as for your business.

5.Helps connect your ideal clients.

Branding automatically connects to your ideal customers when you gives the products and services they demand. This makes and develop the relations and helps to connect with your ideal customers.

6. Branding will help save your time in long :

Branding helps you save you time in long run because when you builds trust and connects with your customers, then it will be easy for you to attract the right audience more and this helps save your time in advertising and marketing of your business


Branding is the practice of marketing which will actively shape your brand. It is what your business needs to grow and then working upon it to grab the customer’s attention. It is what you will transform your ideas into reality so that you will transform your first time buyers into lifetime customers. Branding in marketing is much more important for any business to run , to increase its sales factor, to increase its revenues, and overall growth of the businesses. Hence, in the end, we can say, that

BRANDS are made in mind not in factories “